Friday, December 10, 2010

Association for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts Offers Free Exhibition Tour

On Saturday, April 30, 2011, the Association for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts (ASJRA) is offering a curator’s tour of The Jewelers of the Hudson Valley exhibition at the Forbes Galleries, New York City at 2 p.m. ASJRA is sponsoring the exhibition. There is no charge for this tour. You may bring a guest if you would like but you do need to r.s.v.p.

The exhibition will feature the work of seven prominent studio jewelers - ASJRA members Pat Flynn, Tom Herman and Jennifer Trask, as well as the work of Jamie Bennett, Sergey Jivetin, Arthur Hash and Myra Mimlitsch- Gray, jewelry loaned from the collection of the Samuel Dorsky Museum and work by graduate students in the Metals Program at SUNY/New Paltz. If you are interested in either event please email us and let us know at


Royal Faberge´
The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace
London, England
August 1-September 25, 2011

Japanese Fashion Now
Museum at FIT
New York City
Extended through April 2, 2011

George Dobler Jewellery 1980-2010

Pforzheim, Germany
April 11-June 26, 2011

Hammer, Sketchbook and CAD—90 Years of Vocational School For Goldsmiths at Pforzheim Schmuckmuseum
Pforzheim, Germany
July 10-October 30, 2011

Threads of War: Clothing and Textiles of the Civil War
Charleston Museum
Charleston, SC
Through September 5, 2011

Serpentine: The Snake in Jewelry
Pforzheim, Germany
November 26, 2011-February 26, 2012

The Amazons: Mysterious Warrior Women
Historical Museum of the Palantine
Speyer, Germany
Through February 2, 2011

Indian Tibet

Linden Museum
Stuttgart, Germany
Through January 5, 2011

Altino: Glass of the Venetian Lagoon
National Archaeology Museum of Altino
Venice, Italy
Through November 30, 2011

Alberto Zorzi Unicum-Jewellery and Silver 2000-2010
Museo Fortuny
Venice, Italy
Through January 9, 2011

The Magic of Amber—Amulets and Jewellery from the Ancient Basilicata in Southern Italy
Italientisches Kulturinstitute
Zurich, Switzerland
Through January 9, 2011
Roman-Germanic Museum
Cologne, Germany
January 28-April 25, 2011

Frozen*Susan Klemm
Loupe Gallery
Montclair, NJ
Through December 20

Family Jewels
The Bead Museum
Glendale, Arizona
Through July 31, 2011

Jueri No Ima An Exhibition of New Contemporary Japanese
Jewellery Bluecoat Display Centre
Liverpool, England
Through January 22, 2011

Designer Jewellers Group
Babican Centre
London, England
Through January 5, 2011

Christmas Show
Electrum Gallery
London, England
Through January 8, 2011

Christmas Collections
Lesley Craze Gallery
London, England
Through December 24

Five for Silver, Six for Gold
RBSA Craft Center
Birmingham, England
Through January 7, 2011

Cool Construct: New Kids on the Block
Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery
London, England
Through January 30, 2011